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Justice for Philando Castile

As Latina immigrants – many of us mothers – our hearts are heavy with the acquittal of Officer Yanez in the case of Philando Castille.  We are furious.  We feel powerless.   We send our love and compassion to Diamond Reynolds and her daughter.  No partner, mother or child should experience the horror or the profound injustice that they have.

We stand with you.  We want you to know that we will not allow ourselves to be divided or distanced from you, our African American brothers and sisters.  We are firm in our solidarity with the members of our own community that are African descendants as well as the African Americans of this country.  Our own experiences with the police are teaching us what our Afro descendent sisters and brothers have known for so long:  We cannot trust the police – even when the police are ”one of us”.  They don’t protect any of us.  They protect a system that seeks to at best control and at worst destroy all of us.  The system teaches the police to hate, to kill, and to deny our humanity.   We will not let our children be recruited to be the agents of white supremacy.  We will not let the system to pit us against one another.

We affirm firmly and strongly that Black Lives Matter and we commit to confronting the anti-Black racism that lives within us, our families, and our communities.   We commit to overcoming hate and fear and living with love.  We are mourning with you.  And we are ready to take action with you.  We will come together in love and peace to demand justice for all.  In this way we will be stronger. #BlackLivesMatter.


[Photo by PBS]



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