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Interested in Hiring a Worker?

If you have household worker needs in the field of childcare, adult in-home care or housecleaning, you can support MUA’s members by hiring them for your next employment opportunity!

Please visit www.caringhandsbayarea.org for more information!

About the Caring Hands Workers’ Association:

In 1994, MUA members raised the need for a new program to complement the organization’s existing initiatives. Members explained that participation in MUA energized them to become community leaders and advocate for themselves and their families but they also wanted job training and opportunities to build economic security for their families.

With this need in mind, MUA developed the Caring Hands Workers’ Association. Through Caring Hands, MUA members receive job training and placement as well as act collectively to achieve dignified and just employment for Latina immigrants.

Caring Hands offers referrals to MUA members who actively participate in MUA’s programs and have graduated from technically challenging, motivating, and approachable 80-hour, Spanish-language childcare provider or home healthcare provider training and a green housecleaning training course.

To find out more information about the Caring Hands Workers’ Association, please visit our website at: www.caringhandsbayarea.org where you can also complete a form to get a free referral for a worker online!