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From September 15 to 20th, a delegation of 13 MUA staff and domestic worker leaders will travel to Washington DC to participate in the National Domestic Worker Assembly.  Please help us raise the $20,000 needed to pay for their trip!  While there, MUA leaders will help facilitate workshops sharing our innovative leadership development curriculum, participate in strategy sessions about running state Bill of Rights campaigns, and network with other organizations raising the voices of victims of trafficking through the Beyond Survival campaign.  Our delegates are excited to learn and build with hundreds of domestic workers across the country.  We are also hoping to be elected to the NDWA Board of Directors.  Please donate today!

Maria Morales, 2016 Assembly Delegate


“In my experience as a worker, I have seen up-close the challenges we confront as domestic workers – from labor abuses to the deprivation of liberty – due to the lack of rights in this labor force, which is a very strong pilar of the economy of this country. I think our employers feel safe when they employ a worker because we do the work that they are not able to. I am very excited to be a part of this movement because my gratest aspiration is for domestic workers to enjoy the same rights as any other worker, and I{d like to be a part of the change, advocating for justice, because our families deserve to live with dignity and respect.”



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MUA is a grassroots organization of Latina immigrant women with a dual mission of personal transformation and community power. Creating an environment of understanding and confidentiality, MUA empowers and educates our members through mutual support and training to be leaders in their own lives and in the community. Working with diverse allies, MUA promotes unity and civic-political participation to achieve social justice.

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