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Board of Directors

MUA’s Board of Directors is another avenue via which we demonstrate our commitment to Latina immigrant leadership and solidarity.  Over half of MUA’s board consists of member-leaders that represent our different programs and offices.  These leaders are chosen by the members via a vote every two years. All Board Officers are MUA member-leaders.  Community allies are nominated to the Board by the Executive Director and elected based on their demonstrated support of and respect for immigrant women’s leadership as well as their expertise in key issue areas and sectors.

MUA Board of Directors 2022-2024

Claudia Llanos, Chair, MUA member 

Leticia Garcia, Vice Chair, MUA member

Sandra Hernández, Secretary, MUA member

Adriana Embríz, Treasurer, MUA member

Ana Muñoz, MUA member

Blanca Guevara, MUA member 

Carole Vigne, JD, Attorney & Director of Wage Protection Program, Legal Aid at Work*

Cynthia Martínez, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Saint Mary’s College*

Jill Shenker, nonprofit consultant

Juana Flores, Executive Director of MUA**

María Elena Allain, Associate Director, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy*

Margarita Torres, MUA member

Martha Herrera, MUA member

Mirna Arana, MUA member


*Affiliations listed for identification purposes only
**Non-voting member