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End Deportations

2 Million 2 Many, preparing to march

2 Million 2 Many, preparing to march

Through our work with the SF Bay for Immigrant Justice Coalition (SFBFIJ) we also have been active in the #Not1MoreDeportation campaign led by the National Day Laborers Network (NDLON) calling on President Obama for administrative relief that would put a moratorium on all deportations.

As we work to ensure access to immigration status for as many people as possible, we will continue our commitment to organize, educate and fight until each and every one of our family members, friends and neighbors are able to live their lives with dignity and without the fear of separation and deportation.



Unaccompanied Minors

For over two decades MUA has worked to support migrant families crossing Mexican and Central American borders, facing unimaginable obstacles for a chance to give their families a better life. Although the phenomenon of minors crossing these borders unaccompanied is not a new one, we have, over the last year, seen a dramatic and alarming increase in the number of minors making this dangerous journey alone. Equally as alarming is the drop in age range of children coming with children as young as six making the journey alone. These children are making the dangerous and often deadly journey to the United States with the purpose of reuniting with their families here or escaping violent and life threatening situations in their home countries. As women and mothers we understand the importance of standing up and fighting for this vulnerable population. MUA has participated in diverse coalitions and alliances to ensure unaccompanied minors and families feel welcome and have access to resources following their migration experience. We have engaged in conversations, actions and events that have lead to legal assistance funding for unaccompanied minors and families on expedited removal or the “Rocket Docket” on both sides of the bay. Our work continues, understanding that free legal support is only the first step in many needed to support families and children. We also continue to do the work we have done for over two decades, to be here for people who need help, to listen and support, to connect people to the resources they need and to help people transform their experiences into growth and their traumas into their own power, making connections to the large scale and root causes of their forced migration so that together we can lessen the impact and make long term changes for migrants here in the states and for those who will come in the future.