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Fighting for a fair and inclusive pathway to citizenship!

Title 42 Rally In San Francisco

Title 42 Rally In San Francisco

For many years, MUA has been involved in national and local efforts for immigrant rights by fighting for a fair and inclusive pathway to citizenship. In recent months, MUA has actively participated in the Northern California Coalition. The coalition has focused on urging the federal government to create an amendment to the existing Registry Act. Currently, we see the need to ensure a fixed and non-discriminatory pathway to citizenship. Our request includes ensuring that anyone who has lived in this country for more than 7 years can benefit from amending the existing date. , p.Our local work influences our national involvement. Last September, a member leader, and several staff members had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC in support of this federal change.

While fighting for a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants, we are also striving to change the conditions at the border and create a more welcoming and navigable system for the thousands of people fleeing their countries with hopes of seeking asylum in the United States. MUA was a leader in the fight to ensure that victims of gender-based violence were not excluded from asylum. In 2020, gender-based violence was recognized as a valid reason to apply for asylum. Even before this victory, MUA has actively collaborated with CGRS (Center for Gender and Refugee Studies) to elevate the stories of Latin and Indigenous women in the national campaign Welcome with Dignity / Bienvenidos con Dignidad.

MUA believes that every human being, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, economic status, race, educational level, or nationality, deserves a dignified and secure life.

To learn more about the fight for dignified asylum, we invite you to watch the film “Seeking Asylum / Buscando Asilo,” directed by our friends and allies.