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Domestic Worker Bill of Rights Updates

By: Sarah Leadem, California Domestic Workers Coalition, Membership Coordinator

In 2015, Mujeres Unidas y Activas took leadership in the California Domestic Workers Coalition’s efforts to expand our base of domestic workers and forge relationships with key allies such as homecare unions. In March we mobilized hundreds of domestic workers across the state of California for our historic Home Care Tribunal in partnership with AFSCME-United Domestic Workers.

On August 12th, the California Domestic Workers Coalition launched a two-month intensive outreach and membership drive in Northern California. We trained over 30 domestic worker leaders to conduct educational outreach to Latina, Chinese, and Filipino domestic workers in the parks and libraries of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our leaders have reached over 700 domestic workers in the last two months, integrating many of these contacts as active members through pilot legal clinics, Know Your Rights trainings, and low-cost CPR certification.

Our community of supporters joined together on September 26th to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of AB241, the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Our celebration was a resounding success and brought together over 200 domestic workers, employers, and community allies to celebrate our efforts to assure dignity in the home. Domestic worker leaders as well as employers offered powerful testimony to the importance of dignified standards of work for the domestic workers who care for our homes and loved ones.

This last year, MUA and Coalition leaders have hit the streets and parks for membership drives, united with key allies and organized labor and domestic employers, and have continued to cultivate the leadership of domestic workers–all in preparation to head back to Sacramento next year! In early 2016, we will launch a campaign to reauthorize AB241, the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, to ensure that overtime rights are made permanent and to strengthen labor protections for California’s 200,000 domestic workers.



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