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MUA is a founding and active member of the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Defense Committee (SFIRDC) – a coalition of organizations that advocate for immigrant rights formed in 2008 in the wake of misleading attacks against San Francisco’s pro-immigrant policies. Our work is motivated by the issues we witness in our immigrant communities in San Francisco. We use our diverse skills and organizational expertise along with our community power to advocate for policies to uphold our values of equality and immigrant justice in the city and county of San Francisco.  We aim to set a precedent for other cities and counties across the country. In 2015, SFIRDC merged with the San Francisco Progressive Criminal Justice Network to form FreeSF.

Due Process for All

Current work for the coalition has focused around ensuring due process for all San Francisco residents including immigrants regardless of status and making the important connections around immigrant detention and mass incarceration of people of color. SFIRDC successfully passed a slightly amended “Due Process for All” ordinance with an unprecedented 11-0 Board vote. The policy bans ICE holds in all but a small handful of cases and is thus much more expansive than the 2009 standard.