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ESL for Peer Counselors

On Thursday, October 1st, we gathered to celebrate the graduates from our ESL Class for Peer Counselors. The course focused on topics related to Peer Counseling, such as making appointments on behalf of clients and learning about services and resources available in our community.

We began our coursework with a storytelling activity aimed at creating community in the classroom. Students created a book and read their stories on graduation day! Below you will find one of the stories in the book, titled Women with Purpose: Women Who Study and Fight to be Successful, written by Elizabeth Ochoa.

“My name is Elizabeth. I am from Mexico City. I speak Spanish and English. I am a Teacher’s Aide and a Cosmetologist. I like sports. I like to dance, watch movies and be social. I have a medium-sized family, with a mom, dad and three brothers. Their names are Josefina, Javier, Jair, Luis Allan and Lino Alexis; Rosalyn is my sister-in-law. I have a son- his name is Carlos Manuel – and a niece – her name is Luisa Catalina. I love both of them.

I want to be a better mom and learn more every day to be successful. I would like to have my own house, car and business for my son and me, so he can have a better future and a different lifestyle with less stress and more happiness. I want my son to be happy always, so he can overcome all the obstacles in his life.

I want him to know that I love him so much and I will love him forever. He is my little motor and the reason to get up every day; the reason for which I work and study. I am successful so he can look up to me as an example and as a warrior for a better life. I want him to never forget that he can be whoever he wants with dedication, effort, and a lot of study, but the most important thing ever and for everything is love–love and more love. I don’t give him a lot of my time but during the time I spend with him, I give the best of me and all my love.”

Congratulations to the 16 members who graduated from our Caring Mands ESL module on successful job interviewing on November 23rd.


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