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Immigrant Rights Organizer

Position open until filled, preference given to applications received by June 23, 2023.

Job Announcement: Immigrant Rights Organizer

Are you detail-oriented and organized and want to put your administrative skills to work for
immigrant women’s and workers’ rights? MUA is seeking an immigrant rights organizer to ensure that we continue our fight for immigrant rights.

Organizational Description
Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) is a 33 year old grassroots organization of Latina immigrant women with a double mission of promoting personal transformation and building community power. MUA offers intensive community organizing and leadership training, mutual support workshops and peer counseling, workforce development training and workers’ rights projects, and community education and organizing campaigns that allow immigrant women’s voices to be heard on the local, state and national levels. MUA is committed to building an organization that is led by its membership. Currently, 22 of 34 staff began as member leaders in MUA.

Employment Opportunity
The Immigrant Rights Organizer will work closely with the Immigrant Rights team which focuses on providing community and policy education regarding immigrant rights through trainings, legal and community forums, workshops, and presentations inside and outside of MUA. They will be in charge of organizing members to participate in campaigns, mobilizations, electoral work and coalition events focused on Immigrant Rights. They also support efforts to grow our membership base and retention by doing outreach primarily in the East Bay and follow-up calls to new contacts. In addition, the Immigrant Rights organizer provides direct services such as accompaniment, counseling, and referrals to internal and community services. In conjunction with the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Organizer, they coordinate the committee of member leaders, Defensoras, whose purpose is leadership development of members to take leadership roles in campaigns for immigrant rights. They are responsible for ensuring MUA is meeting the goals established both by political priorities on immigrant rights and by grants and contracts. Maintains good documentation of all member involvement activities and prepares required reports. Finally, they should stay up to date on changes to immigration law and work with Immigrant Rights organizers to share information with MUA staff, members, and the community.


  • Carry out in-person and digital outreach strategies in the East Bay such as information tables, follow-up calls, and facilitate orientations to MUA.
  • Coordinate and facilitate Immigrant Rights Workshops in the community
  • Collaborate in the development of curriculum for workshops, trainings, and presentations focused on immigrant rights
  • Represent MUA in different local, state and national coalitions for Immigrant Rights,
  • Create and maintain relationships and alliances with political representatives and key allies to advance advocacy efforts for immigrant rights.
  • In charge of the monthly committee of leading members, Defensoras, which includes outreach, recruitment, and follow-up calls, preparation of material, facilitation, and coordination of meeting logistics.
  • In coordination with the grassroots Organizers, support political education on Immigrant Rights issues in different spaces for membership such as MUA University, leadership committees, etc.
  • Accompany and give references to different resources inside and outside MUA
  • Support in the coordination of the Leadership Training for the membership, doing outreach, recruiting members, coordinated logistics, and create the material to facilitate presentations
  • Charged with coordinating campaigns led by Immigrant Rights coalitions and mobilizing and organizing the membership for greater participation.
  • Support the development of testimonials and prepare leaders to represent MUA in campaigns and key events
  • Ensure that we are meeting the annual goals and priorities on Immigrant rights and that good documentation of activities is maintained correctly.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Understanding of issues facing low-wage workers and immigrant communities as well as a commitment to the leadership development of immigrant women.
  • Strong commitment to the immigrant rights movement and racial, economic, social and gender justice, to the empowerment of immigrant women as well as alignment with MUA’s mission and values.
  • Experience working with people from diverse cultures, life experiences, educational levels and job training.
  • Basic understanding in the field of organizing that includes experience with outreach and recruiting, with popular education, and organizing political campaigns
  • Experience facilitating workshops and presentations in the community may be through paid or volunteer work
  • Ability to navigate different resources and services in the community and to build good
    relationships with representatives and allies.
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • High communication skills, interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution 
  • Advanced ability in the Spanish language, and basic English
  • Basic knowledge and management of technological tools: Google Suite (email, google sheets, google docs, calendar), Microsoft Office (word, excel, power point), whatsapp, zoom, among others.

Salary range: $65,000 – $68,000 depending on experience

This is a non exempt- full-time, at 40 hours per week. It includes an extensive benefit package, including health plan, dental plan, accident and life insurance, as well as support to cover commute costs and medical co-pays and employer contributions to a 401k plan after the first year of service. Our workplace culture prioritizes self-care and making time for family/community.

Application Process
Send resume, cover letter in Spanish and English and three references, by June 23, 2023 to Note the job title in the email subject line. No phone calls please! This position is open until filled.

Mujeres Unidas y Activas is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, immigrants, youth, gays and lesbians, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply!