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Maria A.

My name is Maria, and I’m from Mexico. My therapist and social worker referred me to MUA 5 years ago. I came to MUA because I was a victim of domestic violence; my daughter and I were kidnapped and suffered all types of abuse. I was very afraid to lose my daughters and I had nowhere to go. MUA gave me the support I needed when I needed it the most. By hearing stories of other members I no longer felt that I was alone or that nobody cared about me and my problems.  After coming to MUA I lost a lot of my fears. I now know I have rights as a woman, human being and immigrant. I know I deserve respect, to be heard and to give and receive privileges. I want to keep working on being a better human being every day.  My hope for the future is to visit my sister in Mexico because she was the only one that always stood up for me, defended me, and supported me.