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Carmen C.

My name is Carmen, and I’m from Mexico. I have been coming to Mujeres Unidas y Activas for 20 years and for 6 of them I have been a peer counselor.  I came to MUA because I felt very lonely when I arrived to San Francisco. My family moved to different states and I was the only one here. A friend of mine told me to come to MUA so I began to come and particiapte in their various trainings. The counseling training taught me to listen, to accompany and support women and families that were going to court, and to be able to explain the court system to them. Th leadership training and my role in “Comite Corazon” have taught me to speak up and fight for my rights. I like the way I’m treated at MUA. I feel very appreciated and valued. I like the group meetings and the presentations about health and law policies. There are different presenters like lawyers and therapists. I can express myself so much more — deal with others. I feel more human. Thanks to MUA I know how to deal with life, family, my kids and husband. I’ve learned to value women. I’ve learned about my body and how take care of it. I want to continue participating at MUA to keep fighting and supporting the community. I hope to become a permanent resident, stay healthy, work hard, and continue pushing my kids to move forward.