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MUA member Evelin Alfaro talks with Univision regarding her experience as a domestic worker with no paid sick leave.

MUA’s leader, Evelin Alfaro talks with Univision regarding her experience as a domestic worker with no paid sick leave.

Evelin says: “Like me, many domestic workers have to go to work sick because if they miss a day of work, they will no longer be able to fulfill their commitments”.

Evelin Alfaro, has been a leading member at MUA for two years. Evelin has more than 10 years as a domestic worker, cleaning houses and taking care of children. Like Evelin Alfaro, thousands of domestic worker don’t receive any type of safety-net benefits, paid off time and don’t make enough to meet their daily living expenses. The Access to Paid Sick Leave will establish guidelines for an innovative portable benefits system with a portable system, who’s benefits do not depend on any particular employer. Employers will make contributions to a centralized account, which is then available when the domestic worker needs to take paid sick leave. Domestic workers will be able to earn and keep their paid sick leave benefits as they move between jobs.

This Victory is huge for MUA and thousands of domestic workers in San Francisco. SI SE PUDO!

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