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Political Education

MUA believes in pairing personal transformation with political change. We create spaces for our members to prioritize both areas of work and understand the difference between activism and organizing. We lift up conversations about emerging needs and issues in our local and global community and how we can work to link personal transformation with community action.

Political education at MUA happens internally with our members through workshops, trainings and conversations as well as externally when we are invited to facilitate, co-facilitate or support other groups or organizations with facilitation for their members and participants.

Some of the political education workshops we offer outside of MUA include:10733991_957424677607382_7013166894224407961_n

  • Know Your Rights: Immigrant Rights
  • Know Your Rights: Labor Rights
  • Know Your Rights: Domestic Worker Rights
  • Racism and Stereotypes
  • The History of the Domestic Worker Movement in the US
  • Heterosexism and Homophobia

Our political education programs seek to build the consciousness and political power of communities of color and marginalized communities and of immigrant women in particular.

For more information about MUA’s political education workshops please email

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