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Statement from MUA regarding the Supreme Court and Women’s Rights

MUA recognizes and respects that within our community there is a diversity of opinions and beliefs about abortion and reproductive rights. For this we are rooted in the values ​​of self-determination, dignity, and respect. At MUA, each woman has the right to make her own decisions and to be respected for that.

As leaders in the women’s rights movement, we are outraged to hear that the Supreme Court has secretly voted to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which established the right to abortion in the United States. in 1973. This decision is unconscionable and irresponsible not only because it seeks to politicize a woman’s fundamental right to decide about her body, but also because it will condemn thousands of women – especially women of color – to either forcefully carry a pregnancy to term or be criminalized for having decided to have an abortion.

 In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court held that the constitution gave a woman the right to privacy, in deciding whether or not to terminate her pregnancy, and that the government did not have the right to interfere with certain personal decisions. just like this one. Thus, not only did the Court recognize a woman’s right to autonomy with respect to abortion, the case also established a legal precedent that paved the way for the recognition of other rights considered private and personal, such as the right to access contraceptives and marriage for same-sex couples.

The consequences of overturning this decisin will be many and far-reaching, hurting most of all low-income and women of color, the very women who are especially vulnerable to violence and sexual assault. If this decision becomes official, 26 states will immediately ban abortion. Access to safe and legal abortion will become a privilege for women in those states, which will require resources to pay for the cost of a trip, obtain childcare and time off from work to travel to a state where this procedure is legal. We are deeply saddened to think of the many colleagues who will not be able to access the medical care they need when they find themselves in the difficult situation of choosing to have an abortion. How many will not opt ​​for a dangerous procedure that risks their health or even their life? And in any case – whether it is a safe and legal abortion or not – the laws of many states will criminally condemn women and their doctors.

And the damage will not stop there. Strengthening reproductive rights and women’s autonomy with respect to decisions related to motherhood has allowed millions of women to take advantage of study and work opportunities that were not possible before. Nullifying abortion rights at the national level also means going backwards in our fight for women’s rights to education and economic independence. It will also put at risk other fundamental rights of women and other groups such as the LGBTQ community.

That is why we recognize that this is as much a fight for racial and economic justice as it is for gender justice. Struggles that we know all too well as immigrant women of color, as our communities face systemic injustices, such as poverty, racism, lack of education and health care, and domestic violence. But our experience as MUAs has also taught us that women will only win these struggles by cultivating our development as human beings, thus becoming leaders and learning to make our voices heard.

We promise to continue working so that each woman who comes to MUA finds in herself the power to be the leader of her own life and make her own decisions. To cultivate a community where all women can live with respect, dignity and self-determination. We also join in solidarity with all women who are persecuted for exercising their right to autonomy and abortion. We will not stop fighting until justice is done, our body is our decision!

Take action by: 

  1. Calling your Senator at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to fill every vacancy, expand the court, and abolish the filibuster to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act!
  2. Donating to your local abortion fund. Abortion funds will be the first line of defense Roe is overtuned. Find your local abortion fund here.