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Necesita ayuda?

Llame a la linea de crisis

415-431-2562 (ALMA)

ALMA Crisis Line

We support survivors of sexual assault and abuse so that they can begin their healing processes, find the services they need most, and live without fear and guilt.  Because sexual assault and abuse are such difficult issues to navigate in our community, we work hard to disseminate information about sexual assault and its emotional effects. We offer a series of workshops on the myths and realities of sexual assault in the Latino community.  We also work with family members of assault victims so that they have the tools to support the victims they know.

When sexual assault survivors call our crisis line, 415.431.2562, or come to our offices, they receive confidential professional support from other Latina immigrant women in their language. If you know of a Spanish speaking sexual assault victim who needs support or help finding other services, please refer her or him to MUA.