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Juana Flores

Juana Flores is originally form Mexico, and arrived and immigrated to the US in February 1990, and on March 19, where she attended her first MUA orientation meeting. Since her arrivall at MUA, she began to recognize that Juana has power and a lot of courage. She learned about her rights as a woman, an immigrant, a mother, a wife, and a domestic worker. Juana started learning more, and made it impossible for her to remain silent, from there on, she promised herself to tell every woman in her contacts to participate at MUA so that they would learn and grow as she did. At MUA, Juana learned to be the leader of her life, family, and the movement.

“May my voice be heard and advocate for policies for the rights of immigrants and an end to gender violence. I started as a member, then as a coordinator, and later as Co-director, and now, I am the Executive Director. I am sure that every woman who comes to MUA can make her dreams come true and feel sure of herself.” – Juana        415-621-8140×304