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Maria de Jesus Jimenez

An immigrant from Mexico, María is one of MUA’s founding members and has been on staff since 1994.  Originally responsible for launching MUA’s Oakland office, Maria oversees MUA’s support programs organization-wide.  She supervises three program coordinators and one program assistant (all of whom began as MUA members) and five volunteer committees made up of 75 Latina immigrant women who implement MUA’s peer counseling services, support groups, domestic violence advocacy and collaborations with local shelters, and crisis line.  Her skills include program planning; peer counseling; volunteer management; technical assistance provision; and public speaking.  María has provided trainings and presentations for immigrant groups around the country on immigrant rights and on MUA’s organizational model.  She has also led MUA’s organizing efforts for immigrant rights, women’s health access, and workers’ rights.  She is the graduate of the Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection Facilitation training and Alameda County’s Mental Health Recovery and Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP), a training program focused on providing culturally competent mental health services to immigrant communities and promoting patient recovery and understanding of the healing process.  Maria is the proud mother of three children.               415-621-8140×309