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María de Lourdes Reboyoso

Maria de Lourdes Reboyoso is an immigrant from Mexico who worked as an accountant for more than 15 years in her home country.  She joined MUA as a member in 2009 and is a graduate of MUA’s Leadership and Grassrooots Fundraising trainings.  She served as MUA’s first Grassroots fundraising Intern until joining MUA’s staff in 2014.  As MUA’s Grassroots Fundraiser Coordinator, Lourdes plans and coordinates MUA’s member-led fundraising events, implements individual donor outreach, and initiates new fundraising strategies.  She develops the understanding and leadership of MUA members in fundraising work through workshops, trainings, supervision of an active volunteer committee, and one-on-one engagement.  Lourdes is the proud single mom of two children and when not raising money for MUA she can be found on the frontlines of our immigrant rights protests and direct actions or testifying in Sacramento for domestic worker’s rights.        415-621-8140×310