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Mirna Ruiz

Mirna was born in Michoacán, Mexico, in 1970. She arrived in California in 1995 and worked as a domestic worker, in house cleaning and childcare. He arrives at MUA in 2015, where he feels accepted and valued. She started a journey working on rebuilding her personality.  She took almost all trainings offered by MUA such as the Leadership,counseling,elder care and sexual Assault trainings. She also took the First Aid of Mental Health and Healing the Soul trainings. He was a volunteer from 2016 to 2018.

 Mirna participated in a Creative Writing Project at MUA, from which it resulted an anthology that was published in August of this year, with the powerful stories of the life stories of MUA participants. He also participated in a theatrical performance that talked about femicides.

In August 2018, she was offered an internship as a Counselor  at MUA. In January 2019, she joined the MUA staff as a Coordinator of the Domestic Violence Program in the East Bay.

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