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Informing Our Community

Paula Sandoval and Ana Ordóñez, members of our Hayward Seed Committee, graduating from MUA’s Group Facilitator training.

Their testimonies: What is your experience taking the Facilitator Training and how has it helped you in your daily life?

Paula Sandoval

“I really enjoyed participating in the Group Facilitator Training because I learned a lot and I was able to meet many sweet friends. It is helping me in my life in such a way that I am able to inform the community about their rights and motivate them to speak out, seek help, and break their silence. I want to continue learning and to nourish myself with wisdom because it is never too late to learn.”

Ana Ordóñez

“It is a very gratifying experience that has given me knowledge and motivation. It has given me security to be able to develop myself day by day, to participate more in my community, my church, the school that my children attend, and my neighborhood. By helping others, we help ourselves. Having the opportunity to grow and to encourage others to grow makes us greater and stronger as a community. This is how we raise consciousness and create unity in the struggle for our own rights and the rights of others.”