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Victory for Domestic Workers!  Health and Safety Guidelines in California & SF Access to Paid Time Off Campaign 

by Veronica N & Evelin A

On September 27th, MUA achieved a major victory: Governor Newsom signed into law SB321: The Health and Safety for All Workers Act.  Led by the California Domestic Workers Coalition, which is housed at MUA, the campaign sought to ensure that domestic workers are entitled to safety protections under California Occupational Safety and Health (CalOSHA) laws. 

As an Organizer at MUA, I feel very proud of all the work we did this year side by side with our members. However, we know that our fight will continue, because the amended bill that the governor signed is different than what our members had wanted: it only creates voluntary safety guidelines, without any consequences for employers who violate the law.

We must recognize that our members fought this battle in the midst of a pandemic. In the midst of job loss, illness, and family stress, they gave it their all and never gave up. For our members to be engaged in lobbying public officials from home, via computers and smartphones, while simultaneously caring for their kids, was in itself a victory. 

what’s next?

 Our Newest Campaign in SF – SF Access to Paid Time Off Campaign 

-Evelin A

As a domestic worker, I am honored to be a part of a powerful movement and a great profession. Something that motivates me to continue organizing is my desire to reach more workers and invite them to join our movement. And what better way than to bring the struggle to our own home, the City of San Francisco, where we are advocating for the establishment of a portable benefits system that ensures workers access to their right to Paid Time Off. This ordinance will give workers the security of being able to stay home to take care of themselves or a family member when they are sick, without the fear of losing a day’s pay.

For me, gaining access to this right would mean feeling the recognition, by law, of the value of my work and of my value as a person, because I deserve the same rights as other workers.

The proposal is scheduled for a vote at the SF Board of Supervisors in December.  





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