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Your Struggle is My Struggle: MUA Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

MUA stands in solidarity with Black-led movements against police violence and racism. We loudly denounce state violence and institutionalized racism against the Black community. 

We also recognize our responsibility, as a social justice organization, to combat anti-Black sentiment in our diverse Latinx cultures, and to make common cause to move resources away from militarized policing and towards restorative justice, health care, and the public services that our communities need. 

As we fight to abolish ICE and liberate our people from the cruelty of detention and deportation, we recognize that it is that system of mass incarceration and police brutality that also puts our children in cages and separates our families. We believe all People of Color in this country must join in solidarity against racial, social and economic injustice and against injustice based on gender, sexual orientation or immigration status. Today more than ever, we must fight together to end ICE and to end all police forces who want to erase the lives of people of color and erase the future of our children in this country.

Furthermore, as we continue our work to fight for the rights of domestic workers, we are conscious of the intertwined nature of our struggles. We honor the first domestic workers in the United States, who were enslaved African women. And we honor the Black women who were the first to organize for the dignity and rights of domestic workers.  

We have been holding workshops on these issues over Facebook Live and will continue to engage our community in discussing the commonalities and intersections in our struggles. To see our organizers’ presentation and discussion on these important issues, please check out our Facebook Page: Tu Lucha es Mi Lucha. 


Lourdes Martinez

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