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SB321: Health and Safety for All Workers Act

Art by Melanie Cervantes

MUA is currently campaigning for SB 321 the Health and Safety for All Workers Act. Introduced by Senator Maria Elena Durazo, a committed ally of our movement, this bill seeks to reform California’s Occupational Safety and Health Act (CalOSHA), which today excludes domestic workers and leaves them unprotected.

Through this campaign, we demand that the government of California recognize the value of domestic work and the health of the domestic workers. We especially are targeting Governor Gavin Newsom, who vetoed our bill last year, despite being right in the middle of a public health crisis. During this year, we heard from so many workers about the challenges they face due to a lack of awareness in our society about the importance of protecting the health of these essential workers. There are hundreds of thousands of women who have dedicated their lives to this work, whether cleaning homes or caring for children, elders, and people with disabilities. Domestic workers need to feel empowered and protected in order to have difficult conversations with their employers. Domestic Workers need the backing of laws like CalOSHA to avoid retaliation such as being fired just because they took steps to protect their health and safety at work during a pandemic.

We invite you to be part of our campaign, participating in mobilizations, actions, and virtual lobbying in Sacramento along with the California Domestic Workers Coalition. Together we will grow the power of the Domestic Workers to victory!

– The Domestic Workers Organizing Team